Go Digital Now: Digitally Transforming Businesses and Enhancing Business Outcomes

Although the market for Digital Transformation is rapidly evolving in India, digital transformation is still at its nascent stage in potential sectors such as MSME, agriculture etc. and are yet to adopt digital presence. One main reason is due to slow digital penetration in tier-2 and 3 cities and digital literacy rate among these sectors. The growth is directly proportional to digital literacy rate and slowly business owners are realizing the potential of digital presence and investing time and money to expand their business.

On the other side, the fintech sector has grown by leaps and bounds and has come up with innovative solutions for business owners and customers to ease the transactions. Businesses are in need for digital services to boost their SALES along with other expectations to enhance market positioning and brand value. Businesses are going digital because of the scalability and visibility it offers to expand business.

Businesses are in need for digital services to boost their SALES along with other expectations to enhance market positioning and brand value

“Every client is different, which means not all can fit in one strategy. The core of digital marketing is to place our client's business in front row. And we do it with mix of content creation and distribution, SEO and visibility campaign,” adds Kashyap Kompella, Founder, Go Digital Now. A good quality and discoverable website is the starting point towards any digital marketing strategy and the company has expertise to enable a seamless experience to get the digital first approach for its clients. It offers Digital Transformation as a Service and has deep know-how in customer behaviour and the boarder markets.

Its unmatched experience in understanding the landscape and to provide consultative approach to solve problems makes the company very unique compared to most conventional players. Another major factor that makes them stand out in from its competitors is its expertise in marketing measurement framework, where it addresses the effectiveness of marketing efforts and problematic areas to be fixed.
Go Digital Now works closely with clients to understand the challenges that they face, market demands and more to create solutions that can help clients reach their business objectives with ease. A successful digital transformation requires the right approach, tools, and methodology and Go Digital Now has successfully curated its digital strategy methodology ­ with which it ensures to consider all aspects of an organization's business goals and vision. The company's journey with its clients goes in two parts ­ a discovery phase to understand client's business needs, and then strategizing phase, metrics measurements, followed by continuous improvement initiatives.

“We focus on getting acquainted with the clients' businesses that helps us understand what we are dealing with. We then come up with a strategy that resonates with client's business goals,” says Kashyap Kompella, Founder, Go Digital Now.

The future of Go Digital Now looks bright as it is endeavouring to run a self-serve model for its clients, where clients will be able to run their own digital marketing with suite of tools and in-built strategies. Currently, the company is in the learning phase and gathering data points from its current campaigns. “We are going to be providers of a much needed intervention to the marketing technology segment with our innovative platform based services approach coupled with consulting strategy,” concludes Kashyap Kompella, Founder, Go Digital Now.