Tecxar: Riding the Digital Transformation Wave

CIO Vendor No one can deny the radical changes digital transformation has brought forth and being digitally savvy is more than a mandate now. It ensures revenue growth, more consistent analytics and superior end user experience. With three new start-ups registering every second, India is witnessing massive scaling which requires more digitally-led tools to deal with increasingly complex business structures. Both new and established companies are now competing to be more digitally-advanced with new improved technologies. The need of the hour for many companies and new customers is to have their technological and business case related issues solved with the quickest turnaround and innovation. This can only be achieved by an intelligent technological frame which many non-tech companies are lacking. And this is where Tecxar comes in. `We follow a curated framework that is completely customized by what customers need to reach business goals successfully with improved results, says Prashant Sharma CTO & Co-Founder, Tecxar Consultant.

Tecxar works with multiple lines of business, helping clients with digital transformation services with their prime focus on customer excellence. Aspects that Tecxar cover begins from product development, business process management and automation, to SAAS implementation and operational support, tech audit and analytic ­ all of which are 100% automated. The company has gained the spotlight with its holistic services that covers a lot of spectrum ­ right from server and infrastructure setup to UI/UX, managing customer journey, mobile apps, complex business backend engine along with audit reports, database revamp and sanity.

It understands that the primary function of digital transformation is to enable simplicity
and automation. Machine Learning, Predictive algorithms, Cognitive Science, Deep Learning, Bots, Cross-functional Business Process Management, Efficient In-house Mobile Apps etc have been some of the tools with which its clients have achieved success. However, Tecxar strictly believes in customization as this is not a case of one-size-fits-all and every service that it offers is curated to custom-fit the needs of specific companies.

Often many companies tend to overlook a few non-core support departments which end up needing a fix. Tecxar's Digital Transformation Strategy services help to create new strategies that look past older intelligence workflows and reinvent them for best results. `All our strategies are carefully laid out by Subject Matter Experts and the developer team which assure performance enhancement, improved RoI, TAT and revenue leak elimination,' she adds.

Tecxar offers premium services with its curated framework detailed out by industry experts specializing in Digital Transformation and further bolstered by a young technical team

Armed with a young team, competitive charges, innovative technologies and customized business plans, Tecxar offers premium services with their curated framework detailed out by industry experts specializing in Digital Transformation and further bolstered by a young technical team ­ a blend that works the best.

Tecxar is invested in helping its clients through this time of the pandemic and is geared up to expand further in other industries while also creating a few products that can help worldwide business. It can also be expected that it would expand its portfolio and offer a wider spectrum of services and products, aimed at making things even better for the end customers. The roadmap ahead for Tecxar is one that is full of new achievements, innovations with the target of simplification at its core.