Oda Class: Offering Advanced Learning Experience Powered by New-age Technology

The world is going online. Increasingly, digital technology is turning out to be the lens through which we see the world. Not surprisingly, it has also changed the way we teach and learn. Online classrooms and virtual learning have become both the present and the future of education. Learners of today appreciate the comfort and convenience of learning from their homes. The shift from traditional classrooms to advanced virtual classrooms had already been gaining traction in the major cities of the country. But the challenges emerging from the pandemic have accelerated this change to where it now feels like a permanent and paradigm shift.

Technology enabled education offers learners a plethora of advantages vis a vis the traditional methods of learning. Most obvious is the flexibility to learn at one's own pace. Technology allows for a level of customization, in methodology and curriculum, that is unprecedented in the history of educational systems. Catering to the demand of the times, many ed-tech companies have come up with a variety of solutions and innovations. Oda Class has been on the vanguard of this revolutionary change. The company has been able to bring together the cutting edge in digital technology and Teaching pedagogy to create a system that will cater to the students of the future.

The founder of Oda Class, Shushant Srivastav has spent more than a decade in the education and exam prep sector. Leveraging this experience, Oda seeks to create a system that would provide tangible and effective solutions to the problems faced by students, as well as seamless engagement for parents. The most common expectation of parents is to have personal guidance and individual attention for their children. To meet this, Oda has devised the Dual Teacher System.

A unique solution to the problem of insufficient student engagement, the Oda Dual Teacher System provides each child the opportunity to study from the best subject experts in the country as well as the dedicated support of highly qualified Mentor Teachers. The Master Teacher ­ Mentor Teacher combination has proved to be an extremely effective way of addressing the problems of insufficient attention and motivation in students.
The fast-growing ed-tech company also provides regular and detailed reports to the parents and updates them about the progress of their children on a daily and weekly basis. Its data driven technology allows it to gain valuable insights into the student's performance. This helps it to understand the exact areas of concern for each student and then to provide tailor made solutions specific to each one of them. Group doubt-clearing sessions as well as individual doubt-clearing sessions are held on the platform. In addition, the academic mentors prepare the students individually for competitive and school examinations. Oda and its founder Sushant Srivastava are also credited with being the first Ed-tech company to introduce monthly Parent-Teacher meetings and weekly report discussions.

With the power of data and digital technology, Oda provides each student the solutions to their own unique problems and difficulties. At Oda, we don't create passive students, but active learners, who can meet the demands of a technology driven future

The teachers at Oda are highly credentialed subject experts with substantial experience in the art of teaching. It implements a tough screening process and recruits from top institutions like the IITs & NITs. The teaching pedagogy has been designed by World Class educators who have themselves been mentors to some of the most decorated students in the country. A top-notch content development team clubbed with interactive sessions have helped Oda Class to be the best in the industry, especially in the primary and secondary sections.

`We have witnessed tremendous growth in terms of student onboarding in the last few months and we are actively working towards expanding our programs to include senior secondary and competitive examinations such as JEE and NEET in the coming years,' concludes Shushant Srivastav, Founder, Oda Class.