Librari: Revolutionising the EdTech Space with A Never-Heard Before Concept

CIO Vendor Education technology (Ed-Tech) solutions are expected to evolve in line with the advances in the latest technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR), and contribute significantly to the market growth. The integration of AR and VR in EdTech solutions help offer an inter-active experience to the learners. It allows learners to explore and seamlessly connect with abstract concepts, and subsequently driving student engagement. On the other hand, integrating blockchain technology enables end-users to store and secure records of students and learners, thereby enabling educators to analyze the consumption patterns of the material offered to the learners and make data-driven decisions. Having said that, the Ed-Tech product landscape is increasingly crowded and complex. Decision-makers may struggle to identify and select the right tools for their needs. Companies need to have a keen eye on customer success to make sure that their educational product or service works with customers, which not many have proven to do. “As a platform, we simplify this process for educators by providing clear information about what the product does, what content it covers, how it accomplishes its objectives, and how educators and students should use it,” says Rengarajan M, Co-Founder and CEO, Librari.

Librari is the world's first micro-learning (a simple way to learn fast) video app platform with more than 30 categories and features including, discover, create, learn, earn, and shop. The company implements the critical characteristic of microlearning, brevity, in its app. Features of Librari app helps Gen Z - micro-learning in-stead of wasting precious time
scrolling through their socials. Being a Tik-Tok-style app for quick learning, Librari helps users learn faster and better. In addition, by answering the quiz at the end of each video, users gain a sense of achievement and feel productive, The Librari app also drives the content creators and brands to stick to the 180 seconds, removing the unnecessary prolongation they generally do on other platforms. The points earned by answering quizzes can also be re-deemed by getting discounts from various brands. “We offer benefits that are two folds with our focus on learn & earn on the go” concept,” he adds.

The Librari app also drives the content creators and brands to stick to the 180 seconds, removing the unnecessary prolongation they generally do on other platforms

The first concept of Librari was born at the end of April after rigorous research, followed by search for partners and an experienced team. Over the past few months, the platform is in its building stage along with unmatched. The team at Librari is also endeavouring to put an exceptional marketing plan in place. It now has its MVP on the Playstore & APP Store, content (about 500 plus videos), and with around 1800 installs with 300 daily users on android platform and over 150 downloads in Apple.

The future of Librari looks bright as it is expecting to become the next big thing in online ecosystem with its micro learning, engaging videos that one can watch anytime and learn anywhere. The company believes that this unique format will likely take a fair portion of the educational market, forming an entirely new niche. “Librari is likely to become a market leader, so I recommend downloading the app and creating videos on this platform. As we know, the first creators grow as the app grows - it's the next big thing you don't want to miss,” he concludes.