EZOFIS: Driving Enterprise-wide Workplace Transformation

CIO Vendor The global Workplace Digital Transformation market size is anticipated to reach USD 33.4 billion by 2026. Employing a Digital Transformation strategy and executing it provides instant and measurable ROI at every stage of the process through its lifecycle of gaining a maturity model.

Today, organizations are not only looking to solve their problem rapidly but also ensure the change is managed well in terms of user acceptance. They would like to start smaller and test the difference in a specific area of their business, and based on the successful outcome, they want to scale up the solution enterprise-wide. Hence, they expect a Workplace Digital Transformation Solution Provider to offer flexibility to start smaller, simplicity for a great user experience, support and educate employees to drive the change. And lastly, they need consultative approach to test outcomes, and scalability for growth and enterprise-wide transformation.

Perfectly understanding the aforementioned requirements, EZOFIS has created an ECO System that helps organizations to start from scratch with its simplicity and ease-of-use interface in its product. The company educates and certifies users by providing training courses. EZOFIS 'consulting helps clients to achieve success factors. The company's enriched product features support many application areas and scalability to expand the projects to an enterprise-wide solution.

Custom solution designs
EZOFIS' unique architecture supports distributed deployment to support custom solution designs. "We are flexible to deploy our solution on cloud, on-premise, or hybrid models. EZOFIS is known for its simplicity, enterprising features, and robust processing," says Seth, CEO, EZOFIS. "We handle all the projects with a problem-solving mindset. Our consultative approach and support services help customers stay with us for a long term," adds Seth.

EZOFIS offers Digital Workplace solutions widely in 3 different segments and has
categorized its software editions to align with market segments from personal use such as consultants and freelancers to a corporate sector with multiple teams and branches and large enterprises such as MNCs, Banks, and Governments Manufacturers.

Free personal edition software for lifetime
EZOFIS is the only solution provider in this land scape to offer free personal edition software for lifetime and end-to-end solutions for digital workplaces, document management, and advanced business process management software with its low code platform.

The ROI is higher with EZOFIS Enterprise Edition since it transforms a larger volume of manual processing into innovative digital processing to provide instant cost-saving and bring efficiency

Robust solution
EZOFIS Enterprise Edition is a robust solution for managing an enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy. EZOFIS Enterprise edition solves business problems for quite a significant number of application areas. It expands the entire Digital Workplace areas to provide ease-of-use, enhanced experience, automate complex business workflows using AI/ML technology, and greater visibility to the stakeholders by its reports and analytics capabilities. The advanced workflow part of EZOFIS' Enterprise edition is a complete BPM solution and a low code platform to design complex scenarios of business workflows.

While the process standardization, optimization, and automation techniques comply with many areas such as ISO, Sarbanes and Oxley for enterprise organizations operating at global standards, the security complaints also fulfill GDPR, Pipeda, and other security standards.

EZOFIS' roadmap is carefully planned after extensive research in the market to align with future market challenges and requirements. "We plan to include more AI/ML features in our product to bring more intelligence to the business processes. We are happy to announce that our new upgrade is coming in early 2022, which will have enhance features compared to our current version and competitions. Our new version is targeted to increase our cloud effectiveness, enhanced user experience, and more automation features. We recommend that clients take advantage of our new version as early adopters to save cost as there will be a beta pricing advantage for selected enterprise customers." concludes Seth.