Customized Process Automation using Low-code Platform

CIO Vendor “Software is eating the world,” wrote engineer/investor Marc Andreessen in a ground-breaking article in the Wall Street Journal, describing how the software industry is transforming the way we consume traditional products and services, today. Be it fashion, healthcare, or any other sector, the software industry and its products have been the key driver in transforming these industries. However, the time and process involved in developing software have been elaborate, complex and essentially unchanged for the last half a century. Fortunately, today with the introduction of low-code/no-code development, the software development process is becoming simpler with reduced turn around time.

Although numerous companies offer low-code tools today, Bangalore-based goes much beyond just offering a low-code development tool. Smart- is a flagship product of Smart Commerce Solutions that specializes in product development and business process automation offers customized solutions as per the client’s requirements using a fullstack low code technology platform. Smart Platform helps in digitizing business processes with forms, workflows and automates development for greater speed.

“Since each business is unique, automating their processes is often challenging. While most Low Code vendors globally provide Low Code tools, we go much beyond. We work closely with businesses and collaborate with them in automating their processes. We work with customers to analyze the processes and identify areas where the processes can be automated and then implement the right automation solutions to ensure that the customers get measurable and guaranteed ROI on their investments,” explains Sudhir Krishna. S, CEO,
In one such instance, a top Automobile component supplier in India adopted's Low Code Solutions to automate their processes and were able to measure the ROI beforehand.

“As we have a unique ability to go beyond selling Low Code tools and work with businesses to deliver process automation and assure ROI, it is not a surprise that our customers keep coming back for more,” says Sudhir.

Meeting automation needs of businesses across functions is best positioned in the Low Code space both in India and abroad. With a healthy mix of large enterprises and SMEs using its low code technology and multiple processes automated using this technology, the company meets the automation needs of businesses across functions.

Furthermore,’ subscription pricing model also ensures that CAPEX expenditure is minimized, and customers can pay for the software from Opex savings generated from greater business efficiency, enabled by Automation.

Bringing Low Code development & RPA onto a single platform brings Low Code application development and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) seamlessly onto a single platform, which helps customers automate their manual processes holistically and this is one of the major factors that differentiate the company from the others in this landscape.

Furthermore, is at the forefront of driving convergence between Low Code Solutions and RPA that enables businesses to rapidly build applications with sophisticated business logic using Low Code Technology and simultaneously reduce the manual effort of usage of those applications with RPA. Therefore, through this, you can have bots scan to email, read PDFs, enter the data for you into Low Code applications or even external systems.

The Journey ahead
Having carved a niche for itself in the Indian market, is planning to expands its operations in North America and Europe in the coming months. Furthermore, the company is also in the process of exploring the convergence of Low Code technology with other emerging technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, etc.